Gundi is a glass artist who was born in Germany and lived for twenty years in Chile before moving to Canada in 1973. During the early 1980s she worked as a fashion designer in suede and leather - an occupation that helped her develop the keen sense of shape and proportion that is so evident in her sculptural glass creations. She now lives and works in the rolling Northumberland Hills, one and a half hours' drive east of Toronto, Ontario.

Gundi's studio is beautifully situated in a pretty maritime cove looking out to the open north Atlantic Ocean. It therefore comes as no surprise that the ever-changing Nature and weather scene outside her studio window provide much of the inspiration for her brilliant and flowing sculptures, in particular the bright light, and ice formations of the Canadian winter.

Each of Gundi's pieces is painstakingly created. Plate glass is cut into small pieces, then tumbled to remove sharp edges, and bonded with an ultra-strong UV-activated adhesive into a multifaceted sculpture. Such pieces glint beautifully in the sunlight during the day, and form spectacular table centre-pieces at night, especially when illuminated from below or with spot lighting from above.

Gundi's sculptural works reveal shapes that contrast strongly with regularly layered levels of glass. She has continued to infuse many of her pieces with bold, colorful edging, which can be fully customized according to taste.

In 2012 came a series of soaring castells and whimsical candleholders constructed using not only layered glass as normal, but also fanciful vases, bowls, trays, plates, trophies, and more. These complement 2011s Granites, which feature granite slabs and glass. Whatever the options chosen, however, clients can look forward to receiving a unique piece of glass sculpture that embodies a beguiling mix of light, brittle strength, and supple fluidity.

Gundi is currently represented by exclusive galleries in the United States and Canada, and her work can now be found in collections around the world.

While Gundi concentrates on just a few designs at any time, art pieces can be made to order, including large-scale sculptures up to six feet tall. Please call, fax or email your detailed needs and we will work to your specifications. These special orders are accommodated into a busy schedule. All pieces are hand-created by the artist, individually signed, carefully packaged, and efficiently shipped to their destination and new home! You can expect a 1 - 2-month delivery turn-around from the time the order is placed.

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